Experience Sirius 180. Witness the latest LED technology. Superb lighting effects created by the refraction of light rays Sirius 180 illuminates rooms indirectly and in a unique way and creates an atmosphere specifically to suit your needs. Light has never been as individual, bright and noble.


Simply perfect.

Radiant Cut

The Prisms

The exclusive glass perfects Sirius. The special cut redirects light beams, creating a unique effect. Various glasses are available, each creating individual light effects. Simply turning the glasses redirects the beams. Directed  illumination as well as indirect lighting effects are possible – designed by Alobis.

As individual as people.

Reduced to Perfection

The Design

Plain, straightforward, elegant. Exactly what a contemporary design demands – nothing more. Sirius 180 convinces by its minimalism – in style and production. Less is more – but  only when referring to the sleek, geometric design.

Aesthetically pleasing to the last detail.

Brilliant luminosity

The Light

Are LED lights generally insufficient to brighten a room? Not the Sirius 180.  Whichever atmosphere you desire, subtle indirect lighting or brightly illuminated spaces – Sirius sets the scene. Each lamp is variably adjustable – cold and warm light, bright and dark dimming.

Filled with light.

Simply flexible

The touch panel

The elegant glass touch panel is neatly concealed in the casing of the floor lamp Sirius 180, from where all the features can be controlled. It includes the operation options „dimming of the brighthness“ and „adjusting the colour temperature“– simple and flexible to use. Flexible to the last detail.

Meeting the highest standards.

Convincing premium-quality

The Material

The electrolytic oxidation of the aluminium makes it possible that the natural structure of the material is shown. Precious, high quality materials with optimal thermodynamic properties are further advantages of the Alobis lighting fixtures. Heat generated by the LED source is not, as with a incandescent lamps, emitted into the room, but is dissipated by the casing. Swiss technology at its best

Designed by Alobis.

cold and bright

warm and bright

cold and dark

warm and dark

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Swiss Made

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